About Us

The security industry and customer needs are changing. DiscountAlarm utilizes the latest technological advances to meet those needs. The result is a system that is easy to control with home safety and protection at the most reasonable price. No longer does the consumer have to choose between a local alarm company and a large franchise to protect their home. There is another option with the ease of DiscountAlarm’s new “plug and place” technology, you can start protecting your home immediately.

DiscountAlarm sells the newest wireless security systems made by 2Gig Technologies. These new, wireless products eliminate the need for 1000’s of feet of wire having to be installed in a customers home. With advances in security system hardware and modern communications, the need for a technician to visit the home has been eliminated. Without a fleet of trucks with technicians, DiscountAlarm’s overhead costs are less. These savings are passed on to our customers.

Today, many homes do not have a traditional land line telephone. DiscountAlarm offers cellular security systems by 2Gig Technologies to solve this problem. Among many other features included in the Go! system, the danger of smash and crash by the criminal is virtually eliminated. These systems also provide options like the ability to remotely arm and disarm your alarm system, control devices like lighting and temperature for today’s Smart Home. And of course to make life easier, your 2Gig system may be controlled remotely by your own cell phone. Be safe and protected without high monthly prices, credit checks and multi-year contracts to sign.