SP2-GC3 | Wireless Secondary Security Touchscreen





The 2GIG SP2-GC3 is a wireless touch screen keypad for the Go!Control 3 alarm system aka GC3. This is the first auxiliary touch screen display keypad that interfaces with the GC3. Before the release of this keypad GC3 owners were forced to use the 2GIG push button keypad. The long awaited SP2 has a 7 inch full color, high definition (1024 x 600 pixels) display designed to add another point of control for the GC3. The SP2 requires firmware version 3.0.2 or higher on the GC3 security system. Assuming your system has the proper firmware the SP2 connects to the GC3 through the access point built into the GC3. After the keypad is paired with the control panel users can control and view live status of the system. This is a great solution for entry points and peripheral areas of a protected space. It supports arming and disarming the system and even bypassing open sensors. There is an integrated speaker that will chime when zones are faulted if they are configured to do so.


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