FortrezZ High Output Outdoor Z-Wave Siren


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Integrate it into your home automation and security network, and this siren/strobe module will deliver the audible and visual notifications you can depend on.

The SSA3 is a combination wire and wireless Siren & Strobe Alarm. Works with traditional wire trigger from a security control panel or as a wireless Z-WaveTM enabled alarm device and will sound a loud siren and flash a strobe light when an alarm message or alert is received on any Z-WaveTM enabled network.

A SSA3 unit WILL ALERT you from the home security panel only if correctly connected to the panel but if it is not in a Z-WaveTM network WILL NOT alert you wirelessly by the siren nor by the strobe alarm.

SSA3 will sound a loud audible alarm >[email protected] and a strobe lighting when an alarm signal is received from a device in the Z-Wave home network.

Extends the range of existing Z-Wave devices in the mesh network by acting as a signal repeater.

Uses the latest and most successful wireless home automation technology.

Tamper proof.  Uses 9V batter backup to sound alarm if AC power is disconnected / cut.

SSA3 is fully programmable with Z-wave smart controllers to provide the audible and visual notifications you set for your automation and/or security network.

  • Siren ONLY mode
  • Strobe ONLY mode
  • Strobe & Siren Mode

For outdoor Use:
Unit is not recommended to be used in direct exposure to harsh elements, rain, snow, and sun.

The SSA3 is based on wireless (RF) transmissions. Any wireless transmission can be subject to RF interference and, although unlikely, this interference may cause the SSA3 to not operate as intended. RF transmissions will be attenuated by tinted glass, in wall isolation with metal foils, metal objects etc. Test communication to the SSA3 before final placement. Add additional Z-Wave repeater modules to improve RF communication if necessary. Z-Wave is a mesh network; more units, the better is the communication.

The SSA3 must not be used in life support and/or safety applications. Information provided in this document is for your convenience and may be superseded by updates to either the document or the product.

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